Week 9: Gratulerer med dagen!

Happy Norwegian National Day!

I have no ties to Norway, but I spent the morning cycling with a bunch of Norwegians on Zwift so it was a topic of conversation - along with how long until the next bathroom break and what snack did people have with them. 😁 But enough about Zwift, let's go back to yesterday.

Undeterred by last week's parking misadventure, Tom and I set out on another excursion to go look at some garden furniture. And yes, once again I rented a car. I try to learn from past mistakes so I stayed away from the VW station wagon and got us a VW Polo, which (fortunately) turned out to be big enough to fit the garden furniture we picked out, hurray! We dropped off the new furniture at the new apartment and treated ourselves to a first meal on our balcony.

Feeling emboldened by our successful morning, I decided to take on another challenge: fix the paper shredder. You might be wondering, is this really important? Probably not. But moving is an opportunity to fix and purge and do things on your todo list that you've never made the time for. And for me that means fixing the shredder.

So I got the screwdriver that we bought at the hardware store that morning specifically for this moment and took the darn thing apart. I then managed to successfully extract the toothpick that I had previously jammed into it whilst trying to clear out a paper jam. Hurray! Balcony furniture: ✅Shredder: ✅What next?

Feeling positively smug, I moved onto the next big thing on the todo list: sort. through. my. shoes. This is a tough one, especially these days when the only shoes I wear are slippers, running shoes, cycling shoes, and supermarket shoes. But I have to imagine that one day there will be parties and so I probably shouldn't give away all my high heels even though right now they are objectively useless.

And so, rather than focusing on the utility of the shoes, I stayed true to the KonMari method and asked myself for each pair: "Do you (still) bring me joy?" (and in some cases "Have you ever brought me joy?"). I'm pleased to say that I parted ways with a good half dozen.

Obviously, after a day like that, today was nothing but cycling, food and TV which, speaking of, I need to get back to talk to right now ;)

Take care,